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The following are a list of helpful links and resources.  If you have an idea of an additional resource that would be helpful to your neighbors please contact the webmaster. 



 Replacing Mailbox

If you need to replace your mailbox, please contact the vendor below and tell them you need to order the Charleston Standard Mailbox System.  This is the approved replacement for the current Wilshire Estates mailboxes.  If you have any questions, you can reach out to Ian Stone, Association Manager at

Contact information to purchase replacement mailbox.

Addresses of Distinction

Phone: 770-436-6198

 Replacing Number

1. Approved replacement numbers are available for order at "A Sign Group" in Tyrone Georgia. The cost is $15 for a set of two (minimum order is $35). Request the "Wilshire Estates Mailbox Font'  when ordering .  Only this style, font and size is approved. Allow one week to be made. 


     A Sign Company, 402 Senoia Rd  Tyrone GA 30290  770-486-1806


2. Here is a list of tools needed to replace your mailbox numbers. 


3.  This Youtube Video gives step by step instructions on replacing your mailbox numbers. 




1.. This Youtube video gives step by step instructions on repainting your mailbox.  


2. Here is a list of tools needed to paint your mailbox


3. Please contact Ian Stone (see Contact Us page) to replace mailbox numbers.



Repainting your Mailbox

Replacing your Mailbox Number

Property Map


The Wilshire plat is available at the following link.  When you log-in, search for Wilshire Estate Plat.


Fayette County Tax Maps can be found at:

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